How to bond with your pet

As spring arrives we can finally wave farewell to rainy and gloomy weather, and welcome blossoming plants, rays of sunshine and best of all; enjoy walks with our pets.

Our pets, like humans, require exercise for their physical and mental wellbeing. Here are some interesting reasons we have identified that will help you understand the importance of your pet’s playing and being outside – and spring is one of the best times for it.

Spending time with your dog
Bonding with your Pet
Dog Running
Maintaining Good Health
Hyperactive Jack Russell
Stops Destructive Behaviour
Dog chasing ball
Stimulates Natural Senses

Bonding with your Pet

Playing games and having fun together with your pet will strengthen your bond. This leads to other benefits including relieving stress and stopping depression making your pet happier and healthier.

Finding out what your dog’s favourite game means that you can give more attention to your pet and understand what makes them happy.

Maintaining Good Health for your Dog

Regular exercise for your pet is crucial for maintaining good health and it can also be fun, there are several ways exercise can be exciting – a great way for the whole family to be involved.

A walk at least once a day will improve your pet’s cardiovascular fitness; stronger muscles and bones as well as decreased levels of stress. Added benefits for you include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, which is a fantastic health benefit for walking with your pet.

When your pet is indoors, they will easily become bored and unhappy, so walking and playing outside will ensure they are healthy, fit and happy to be spending time with their owners and playing with their favourite dog toy.

A tip to keep both your pet and family entertained is creating an obstacle in the garden or your local park. Blanket hurdles is a fun and exciting game using blankets.

Place the blankets so your dog can hop over a few times. Once your pet gets the hang of this, go to the other side and call your dog. Give your pet a toy he will love to reward him for coming to the other side so he can bring it to you, by mixing things up, give each of your family members a different toy so he can run to each of you.

Outdoors fetch is a great way to encourage your dog to enjoy the outdoors and let some steam off. A frisbee with soft edges is a good option for an active puppy that is teething.

Encourage your dog to run after the frisbee or toy by giving affection to reward your pet. To ensure your pet is motivated to run after the frisbee or toy you can hold your dog back and let go after you throw it. This will make your pet run like a rocket!

Hide and seek is a great way for your dog to use their senses, by hiding behind trees and calling your dog so they can find you. You can give your dog toys so they are rewarded for the good work.

Stops Destructive Behaviour

Dogs may chew and destroy furniture, doors or carpets, which can be frustrating for pet owners. This can be applied to cats also, who tend to scratch the same places. This will become destructive if your pet’s behaviour escalates, and becomes a regular behavioural pattern.

This can be as a result of not enough daily activity and exercise, which is vital for your pet’s health. Stopping destructive behaviour can be as simple as making sure they are out running around and playing with their favourite toys.

To make sure your cat plays outside can be easy as placing cat toys in the garden or park. This will encourage your cat playing which will relieve stress and boredom, improves circulation, builds muscle tone and can prevent or reduce behavioural problems.

Stimulate Natural Senses

As naturally curious animals, being outside will allow dogs to absorb the environmental factors including processing different sights and smells.

A way to aid dogs stimulating their senses, and making sure they are safe is recommended for pet owners to have a reliable lead and harness.

The harness range from Ezydog helps to distribute the load evenly across your dog’s chest making it extra supportive and comfortable for your dog. It is important that your dog feels happy when its out for walks, therefore the Ezydog’s collar range is made from soft-touch webbing material to ensure the collar is not straining and light.