Weather Season Autumn Dog Care

You’ve surely noticed the seasonal changes by now as darker evenings creep in earlier with each passing day and memories of summer fade, but what do these changes mean for you and your dog?

Outdoor Exercise

If your dog is still very much keen on staying active when the temperatures start to drop (and who says that they shouldn’t be?) then consider increasing their food portions in the colder months in accordance with how much exercise they are getting. This extra intake of food can be important for keeping their energy levels up in order to generate additional body heat.

Be safe be seen

Of course, fewer daylight hours may mean that you will be taking your dog for walks in low natural light, so now may be a good time to consider LED-lit or reflective items for increased visibility. It’s always a good idea to ensure both you and your dog can be seen once the sun goes down.

Prevent fleas at home

Sudden changes in temperature may have you reaching for your thermostat, tempted to stave off the chill and keep your home cosy, but this could also be the perfect trigger for new fleas breeding, so consistent and effective flea treatment should not be overlooked. Spot-on treatments and collars can be used on animals, whilst foggers and sprays will help to clear your home of adult fleas, eggs and larvae.

Toxic autumn plants 

Other risks you may not have considered are the increased use of rodenticides being put down as rodents also seek shelter from colder weather, and sheds and garages are most likely to be targeted by homeowners trying to keep their property free from pests, but these treatments can prove fatal if ingested by your pets. Also, remain cautious of fallen acorns, and mushrooms that are seasonally encouraged by damp weather. These are poisonous to dogs and symptoms may vary if either is eaten. Vomiting also occurs or your dog may display other signs of discomfort such as poor appetite lethargy. It is always best to seek veterinary advice.

Keep dogs calm through the fireworks

Your pets may also be uneasy and nervous once fireworks start being let off for celebrations throughout November and December, pheromone diffusers can be a comfort to both puppies and adult dogs, as can keeping curtains closed and playing music to mask the sounds of loud bangs.