Dog and Puppy Advice

Dog and Puppy

Dogs have very complex needs and each dog is unique. There's no one 'perfect' way to care for all dogs because every dog and every situation is different. It's up to you how you look after your dog, but you must take reasonable steps to ensure that you meet all your dog's needs.

Cat and Kitten Advice

Cat and Kitten

What makes cats great? Everything they do! They can be affectionate, playful, energetic and lazy. However no two cats are the same, but insight into the biology and behaviour of cats can help you to understand your pet better.

Small Animal Advice

Small Pet

Owning and caring for a small animal whether it be a Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster or other similar mammals can be a very rewarding experience but it is important to realise that they are a big commitment and will require a lot of time and care. Much consideration in regards to their wellbeing from diet, environment and companionship will allow both you as an owner and more importantly your pet to have the best possible life.

Bird & Wildlife advice

Bird and Wildlife

The care for pet birds and wild birds has vastly different responsibilites. The articles below will help you provide care for these wonderful animal giving guidance on providing food, water and habitat arrangement giving them the best possible advice for where they live.

reptile advice

Reptile and Exotic

Exotic pet species, like reptiles and other wild animals in captivity, have the same needs as they would in the wild. So their environmental, dietary and behavioural needs can be challenging. Before you decide whether you’d like to care for an exotic pet, make sure you’ve done plenty of research before committing to taking one home.

fish advice

Fish and Tropical Fish

Owning pet fish can be a rewarding experience for all members of the family. The variation of care differs however greatly on the type of fish you own whether it's staying in cold water, tropical or a pond like environment. Fish care doesn't just stay for the welbeing of the animal but much consideration needs to be taken in the maintenance of their habitat.