Local and National Charities

Jollyes Charity Partners

At Jollyes, we are a community of animal lovers devoted to helping pets and their pet owners. We are passionate about improving the standards of animal welfare. That is why we support both national and local charities. Our Jollyes Pet Superstores are nationally and locally involved in incredible charities that go that extra mile in upholding health, happiness and safety for animals.

Supporting Local Charities

By supporting local activities and charities in the community, we can really ensure that the foundations are built to help support better animal welfare for the future. Local charities do fantastic work to help educate, advise and raise awareness of local issues in your local community. That is why we empower our stores to choose their local charities. Our stores see first hand the improvements and positive changes made in the community. Local charities and rescue homes can help build strong and long lasting community relationships. Our stores across England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, all share the same goal - That is to truly care for pets and make a positive change for animals.

Milton Keynes Cat Rescue Charity for Jollyes

Supporting National Charities

There are lots of great charities that operate nationally who provide a crucial role in supporting animal welfare. We are proud to announce our two national charity partners, Street Paws and Dogs on the Streets

Dogs on the Streets is a not-for-profit charity committed to helping people and their pets sleeping rough on the streets. The charity operates across United Kingdom in the following areas: London, Oxford, Kent, Milton Keynes and Bournemouth. Dogs on the Street are due to increase their number of charity stations, where a multitude of animal specialists are at hand for free medical care. To learn more about our charity partner DOTS click here

Dogs on the Streets Charity

Street Paws is a national animal welfare charity for homeless people with dogs. The charity also provides free of charge veterinary treatment, care and emergency kennel living for anyone affected by poverty, financially affected and who are vulnerably housed. The charity works in the following areas: North East, North West, Yorkshire, Wales, and Ireland. Read more about our charity partner Street Paws.

Street Paws Charity

Carrier Bag Proceeds

Our Jollyes 5p carrier bag proceeds from 2017 and 2018, have been awarded to our customers' favourite charities. We have had a fantastic response from everyone who participated in the charity poll and here are our results. The first charity voted by our customers is Support Dogs who we have donated £5,000. In second position is Guide Dogs who have been donated £3,000 and finally Cats Protection who have been donated £2,000. We aim to donate to various charities with different causes.

Jollyes 5p Bag Donation to Charities