Feeding your kitten

Kitten's diet


Good nutrition is so important in offering your kitten a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is recommended that kittens are fed up to 3 times a day, with an option of healthy treats or snacks in between.  

Look out for complete and complementary feeding  

When buying your kitten food, remember food labelled as ‘complementary’, will often mean additional to their complete food. You can offer home-cooked food such as raw or cooked liver, or their favourite boneless fish, and even cooked egg yolks. Always provide fresh water in multiple areas of the home to ensure your kitten is well hydrated.  You can also offer kitten milk, which is specifically formulated for kittens. 

Avoid foods

Remember that cow’s milk is upsetting for kitten stomachs. Instead, you can provide some formulated kitten milk to help build strong bones and teeth. It is worth noting that cow’s milk will give your kitten or cat an upset stomach or even diarrhoea as it is not suitable for your feline’s digestive system.   

Kitten teething

Teething will happen at an early age and will just need some chew toys to help them come through.  

Kitten nutrition

After the age of 6 months, your kittens will feed more frequently. Dry food can be fed as complete nourishment and nutrition for your kitten’s diet. It is especially good for maintaining strong healthy teeth.  

Food bowls and water

Kitten feeding and water bowls should be ceramic or metal. This is because plastic bowls can breed bacteria and germs if they are damaged or lightly scratched.  

Create a feeding schedule for your kitten

Kitten feeding 

Discuss with your vet for any recommendations for kitten foods. The age and weight of your kitten will determine how much to feed them at one time. Always refer back to the feeding instructions that are usually on the back of food packaging.  

If you decide to change the food at any stage, ensure that you phase in the new food gradually so that your kitten has enough time to get used to it.  

If you are unable to look after your kitten at any time, make sure you plan to have someone there to supervise them. Give your feeding schedule to your kitten-sitter so that they are aware of when to feed them and how much.