What to feed your rabbit?

What to feed your rabbit


We can advise you with planning your rabbit's diet even before you bring them home. To ensure they remain healthy and in good shapeensure that you give your rabbit only what is best for them.

Healthy food for your rabbit

A healthy diet should comprise of good quality hay or grass and fresh drinking water.  Rabbits need hay, grass and water for their stomach function and teeth requirements. You can supplement a rabbit's diet with good quality pellets and leafy vegetables. Fruits and root vegetables such as carrots can be given but only in small portions. 

How often should I feed my rabbit?

Provide your rabbit with fresh hay and grass twice a day and place it away from their litter area. Hay is their main source of food.  A good tip is to check and replenish their food and water at sunrise and sunset.  They will eat as much as you put in front of them, so don’t provide too much food as this can lead to obesity and health problems. You can also follow the feeding guide on the packet. Remember that a nursing or pregnant rabbit will require slightly bigger portions of hay and some vitamins that can be given as drops in their water bottle. 

Which foods are bad for rabbits?

Avoid feeding your rabbit any cereal type foods and muesli. Vegetables such as avocados can be very harmful. Rabbits do not commonly eat carrots but you may give this in small amounts as a treat. This includes other fresh vegetables such as broccoli, spring greens and kale. 

The importance of hay and grass for your rabbit

Hay and grass help to grind down rabbits' teeth. Because rabbits' teeth do not stop growing - if left unchecked - they can grow up to 5 inches a year. Hay also provides good roughage, which reduces the danger of hairballs and other blockages when they like to groom themselves.

Choosing the right rabbit treats

Remember when giving your rabbit treats - give them what they are used to and nothing containing cereal or muesli. Treats such as gnawing woody chews or forage mazes help keep your rabbit's teeth trim.

Water bottles

A water bottle is more suitable than a water bowl as a bowl can get quite messy in the enclosures and become contaminated with hay and used bedding. Ensure that the water bottle is cleaned with a brush every other day otherwise green algae can start to grow and build.